Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Strange Tree Group Celebrates! Best of the Year 2010!

Dear friends, my what a big year it has been. Taking a took a look back at all that the company has accomplished from January 1st 2010 until today...well it boggles the mind really. It's thanks to the hard work of each and every company member, associate and friend that we are where we are today. Day jobs and night jobs aside, we're creating something special together. We've lost some great comrades this year and we've made new and amazing friendships but in the end we're growing and becoming stronger and stranger each year. Working with amazing directors from around town at the lost love trunk show, Shakespeare's King Phycus at the Building Stage, The One about the Whale at Collaboraction's Sketchbook X, Hosting the 15th Plagiarists' Salon, Our month-long residency in the DCA incubator to workshop our fall 2011 production of The Spirit Play, The Air Raids and awesomeness of The War Plays at the Athenaeum and now, throughout December, workshopping our February 2011 production of The Three Faces of Doctor Crippen for The Steppenwolf Garage Rep...can you tell that we've not had a lot of time to sit still this year? We feel blessed to have your support and your attendance. Thank you for making 2010 possible for The Strange Tree Group!

Many thanks also to Newcity and WBEZ for their best of the year kudos for Shakespeare's King Phycus! Congratulations to artistic associate Ira Amyx and his team from the Lord Chamberlain's men as well as the cast and crew of Strange Trees who made that show such a wonderful artistic success.

Find Shakespeare's King Phycus listed in the top five of 2010 by both
WBEZ Chicago and NewCity!