Friday, August 20, 2010

Strange Tree at The Plagiarist Salon

Greetings wanderers!

Dr. Bindlestiff and my feline companion Mr. Tinks, back and on the attack for with more literary majesty for the Dastardly Blogspot. Thanks to all of you who came to join us at the Plagiarist Salon on Monday the 16th. We had a delightful evening with our short set of promotions for our upcoming fall production of 'The War Plays' by Emily Schwartz, directed by Kate Nawrocki. The theme of this evenings was 'Look Out in the Blackout'. The lights were dimmed and hand held torches lit the team.

Tyler Core came with his magic soul stealing picture making box and sentenced several trees to an eternity frozen in time. View them below! And check out his home page if you'd like to hire someone friendly to come and take good looking pictures of you. Because he will.

Cory Aiello and Jennifer Marschand read dating advice for boys and girls.
Carol plays a 13 year old British Boy named Christopher
Thomas, Noah, Delia and Emily provided a soundtrack for our newsreel preview

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strange Tree at the Plagiarist Salon

Greetings friends, well it certainly has been a busy two weeks. We've married off our dear STG Weston Davis to the lovely Lindsey Frattare (You know that hilarious dance sequencs in King Phycus? All Lindsey). We've closed the King and struck our massive set. The before and after pictures will be going up soon and they are truly something to behold. A lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into that show from the Lord Chamberlain's Men and STG. We're glad so many people got to enjoy it. We were not glad that our air conditioner sat back stage the entire run and could not be installed. That was un-enjoyable. But you know what? That's cool. Or actually, that's hot. It was hot.

Next up for the Trees, the fun of doing a one night only salon with our buddies The Plagiarists! #15 in fact. The evening is free and will take place at Black Rock Pub on Monday August 16th at 7pm. Our Salon will feature readings and musical interludes from the cast and house band of our upcoming production of Emily Schwartz’ “The War Plays”. Come prepared with your ration book and flashlights as we paper the windows and hide out together inside of our makeshift Black Rock bomb shelter. The good old days are here again!