Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strange Tree At Steppenwolf GARAGE REP!

It's TRUE friends!

The Strange Tree Group is Proud to announce that we'll be a part of Steppenwolf's 2011 GARAGE REP series alongside SideShow & Urban Theater Company. We'll be premiering a new work by Playwright and Artistic Director, Emily Schwartz, entitled THE THREE FACES OF DOCTOR CRIPPEN, based upon the true story of England's most notorious cellar murderer and featuring: Intrigue, poisoning, singing, mayhem, fleeing, ships, terrible disguises, Scotland Yard, dentistry, betrayal, corpses, dinner parties, the telegraph, girls dressed as boys and fake mustaches. This will apparently be an unmissable event.

Get yourself to to see our name in lights.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help The Strange Tree Group win a Chase Giving Grant!

It's a fact, folks. Our name is in the hat and we are currently on the board to win $20,000 from Chase Giving. But we need YOUR VOTE to help keep us in the running...and your mother's vote...and your cousin's...and your old college roommate's! Please VOTE through your facebook profile and spread the word about the little company that could. (That's us, you see!) 2010 will be a banner year for Strange Tree and we look forward to 2011 with happy hearts. Please help to make our future bright!


You can find us on facebook at OR, just click the Chase Giving Link on this page (after logging into your profile.)

Your support is greatly appreciated by folks who mainly donate their time to making this company the coolest. With your help, we can help our company.

King Phycus is Jeff Recommended. (Wahoo!)

The Strange Tree Group

Hey look, Everybody! We're Jeff Recommended. This basically means that one or more aspects of our show were deemed 'outstanding' by opening night judges from the Jeff Committee. We're very proud they've chosen to honor King Phycus by giving it their stamp of approval and we hope that you'll come out and spend the evening at The Building Stage with The Strange Tree Group. There's a lot of laughter, a lot of singing, a lot of sword fighting that looks really cool, and we've got an 'ale house' with free libations (you can buy a phycus grail at the box office for only $5 and get refills all night). Basically, what we're saying is that this is a guaranteed good time. Bring some friends and yuck it up at this most epic of (cough) tragedies!

Shakespeare's King Phycus Reviews!

The Strange Tree Group

"It is Spectacularly good!" & a "Must See!"
-'Dueling Critics'

"The Strange Tree ensemble strikes just the right balance, merrily lobbing joke grenades with its trademark faux-earnestness in scenic designer Jay Neander's Easter egg-filled venue-within-a-venue. Phycus is probably a worthier addition to the canon than Double Falsehood"
-TimeOut Chicago

"The ingenuity of Tom Willmorth's script is well matched by an ensemble of energetic performers and increasingly clever staging by director Ira Amyx."
-New City

"Filled with singing, dancing, political humor, and Shakespearean wordplay, the clever pastiche from the Strange Tree Group and the Lord Chamberlain's Men is a crowd pleaser."
-The Chicago Reader

"This is a wonderful production of a fabulous new show, a show destined to become an audience favorite at Shakespeare houses around the world."

"You'd be hard pressed to find a more articulate and verbally skilled cast whose projection of many tongue-twisters contained spot-on timing. King Phycus is indeed an ensemble triumph!"

"With a great script, lively acting, and a beautiful set, "King Phycus" is worth the trip to The Building Stage."

"For anyone that loves Shakespeare and wants to see some of his best plays reconstructed then put together in the most haphazardly hilarious way possible, Strangetree's productions will not disappoint"

"Go see this play if you want to like something for once in your stupid life!!!"
-'Eric & Andy'

tickets and info @

The Strange Tree Group

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shakespeare's King Phycus! A Strange Tree First.

Opening at The Building Stage this week is a spectacle like nothing seen in Strange Tree times past or present. A play...a play that was NOT written by our resident playwright and artistic director, Emily Schwartz. "What's this?" you exclaim, "But nigh on six years have passed and nary a play by another soul has crossed the wooded boards of a strange tree stage than those of Schwartzian origin." TOO TRUE. Yet now is the time.

Shakespeare's King Phycus is like a glistening baked ham on the table of DESTINY!

The Script is tragically hilarious, the cast is the cream of the crop, the setting oh the setting could possibly knock the socks right off of your feet upon entrance, the lights are beautiful and the costumes get their own gags. Run, no...FLY ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES to our website and purchase tickets for yourself and your friends.

The One About The Whale

Once more into the brink, dear readers, once more! The One About the Whale is now open at Collaboraction's Sketchbook X and I must tell you that Mr. Tinks' description of it as a sumptuous gershwinian feast for eyes and ears is most assuredly 'spot on'. Get yourself to if you want to purchase tickets for this spectacle of spectacles.

You can even use our secret code '108' for Five American Dollars off of your ticket price. They call it an X-pass actually, and once purchased it allows you to return again to see more plays. Different plays? The same plays you already saw and loved? Whatever fits your fancy.

This weekend we've had a bit of a shake up Strange Tree way with our Whale Cast due to Matt Holzfeind becoming a major star and being requested for all sorts of things like commercial shoots and male modeling portfolios. The intrepid Weston Davis (Of Snack Jerk and Wicked Narrator Fame) will be filling in Matt's slender Lady's size two breeches on Thursday the 17th and Saturday the 19th. Go there, use your X pass and see him sing a song he learned just yesterday! Will he be able to accomplish the barrel roll? Probably not. But he may be able to ascend the stairs quickly, like a graceful gazelle. And that, my friends, is all that matters.

Join us won't you?