Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Closing The Dastardly Ficus and answering common quesitons

And so we've done it, friends. We've put the ficus to bed for a second time in the history of Strange Tree. Back in 2004 we averaged age wise about 23 and 24 now we're all of 29 and 30. Have we learned anything? No. Ok well most of us have. But we'll never admit to it. It was great to see old faces and new at the show. People curious about the company and about what we're doing next. We love that. We love to see you and we love your questions. So, thank you for them! A few common query's are posted below and answered flippantly in blog form.

Q: Strange Tree, i love your poster. Can I buy one?
A: Yes! You can.We sell them at the shows for $20 a pop. This is a very good deal because the posters are original screen print works of art created by the evil genious Phineas X. Jones. If you missed out on snagging yours, or if you stole a few from us when we weren't looking and want to send us a check to redeem yourself (hint hint, nudge nudge, beware our wrath. cough.) you can email us at and we'll try to hook you up. And if you want to mail us some money the address is on the website, suckers.

Q: Strange Tree, that music was rad. What the hell was it?
A: Why we're so glad you asked. The music we used in Ficus was a combination of things chosen by Emily back in 2001 that have lived with this play for many years. (ie; Tom Waits and a few of the oldie goldies) Other excellent selections were made by Kate. Heads were knocked together. A full soundtrack came out. You can see the complete listing on Kate's blog at:

Q: So, Trees, do you only do original works?
A: Yep. For now. But only because we harbour a deep set fear of producing the Fantasticks at the same time as everyone else in town. No no. Kidding! We really like creating from scratch. There are a few classic pieces that we'd love to get our hands on one day. But for now, we enjoy having complete controle over the productions we produce from the bottom up. We also don't like paying royalties. We're very poor. Cool. But poor. Would you like to sponsor us and buy us a storefront theatre? We'll take it.

Q: Oh my word then what's next? How can I see you again? Where will you be?
A: Awe, that's nice. We miss you too! Right now we're trying to figure out the best time to put on a space rock musical with those delightful divas of the flying trapeze at Aloft Aerial Dance. That's right, folks! Strange Tree and Aloft sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g. In retro space! Late summer, maybe fall. Schedules are tricky with so many talented folks who also have to work day jobs in order to eat and have homes. But we're figuring some things out and you can be sure we'll post an update as soon as we do.

Thanks again everyone. The Dastardly Ficus was a BIG success. If you'd like to stay in the know why don't you join our email list? It's easy. Just click here:

You're the bees knees,